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Our food distribution program started in January of 2009 and it is set up to provide food for the hungry in the United States and around the world. We have been able to help hundreds of people by God's grace and we are still working hard to be of support to the needs of the widows, homeless, orphans, single parents, children and the poor around the globe. The food distribution program is also operated on a monthly basis in Epe village, Lagos Nigeria with the help of a volunteered couple, Pastor and Mrs. Sunday Balogun of Glory Baptist Church, Epe, Lagos. Our future plans include the leasing of landed properties for planting seasonal crops that can be used to meet the needs of people in any community wherever God open the door for us to help in such fashion. Alongside with the food distribution is our cloth drive program. This program is designed to provide clothes either used or new to people who are in need of such assistance. Our partners have been very generous in accomplishing the little we have done so far. There is no limit to what God can accomplish through us if we are ready to submit to His master plan for our lives. Please do not hesitate to call on us if the Lord is laying it in your heart to join our partners aroung the world in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and providing help to the needy around the world. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated as we all join hands in touching one life at a time. You can write a check to:
Hope of Glory International Ministries, Inc.
235 Jasper Street, 2nd Floor, Paterson, NJ 07522.

A very important mandate of God upon this organization is the ministry of the word. We believe in the authority of the word of God and its efficacy to change lives. In the light of this, we are dedicated to revelational teaching of the word of God to people of all ages, race, ethnicity, and nationality. We are committed to the whole truth of the word of God and its power to deliver the soul of man from the lie of Satan. We join with other men and women of vision in organizing seminars, retreats, workshops, and conferences where the word of God is used to address life issues. We are currently leading a group of dynamic youths in our home church (The Apostolic Church, Glorious Vision) where the word of God is used to shape lives. We have seen what the Word can do whenever it is given its rightful place. We are always looking and creating opportunities for the word of God to come alive wherever we are. You can always join us at the church auditorium (TAC, Glorious Vision, NJ 192 Elizabeth Ave., Newark, NJ 07108) every Saturday at 4:00pm as we share the word of God together in spirit and truth.

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